2019 Annual Report

For 100 Shares Tampa Bay, 2019 was a year of amazing growth as we watched God bless our ministry and the organizations served through the generosity of our growing partnership. We exceeded our goal of 100 partners and were able to miraculously fund three of our four finalists with grants totaling over $120,000. To date we have granted a total of $294,319.

The Spring Luncheon was held at Feather Sound Country Club on April 11, 2019. With 152 in attendance, we celebrated God's generosity with prayer and worship as we presented the following grants:

  • $48,930 was granted to the Florida Dream Center.
  • $22,000 was granted to Florida 1.27.
  • $50,000 was granted to Shepherd's Village.

Information on these ministries, the people served, and how the grants received are taking them to a new level of service in our community is available on our website.

Our partnership grew from 88 to 118 by the end of 2019. Our goal for partnership for 2020 is 125.

Attendance at the site visits in January and February reached the goal of 50 partners and guests per ministry. Site visits are one of the best ways to introduce women to our organization as well as to the needs present in our community.

Twenty-two grant applications were received and considered for the 2020 grant cycle, doubling the grant applications received in the prior year. The four finalists were announced at the Fall Coffee held at the Centre Club on October 24th. With 88 partners and guests in attendance, ministry leaders from A Door of Hope, The NOMORE Foundation, Tampa Muslim Outreach and The Well, explained how the grant funds would impact their ministries. The site visit schedule for January to March 2020 was announced.

The board of trustees is experiencing growth as well. As board terms have ended and trustees have moved away, we have added 5 new trustees to the board: Debbie Brownlee, Debbie Lamphier, Amanda Maynor, Terry Odom and Johnnie Smith. We have added a board position for Prayer/Spiritual Leader that Joanne Lanning, founder and Chair Emeritus is developing.

With growth comes change and as an organization we have embraced new ideas for streamlining many of our procedures including grant reporting and site visit evaluations.

In 2014, when 100 Shares Tampa Bay was established, a generous benefactor anonymously donated funds that were restricted to business operations of the organization. Those funds have been frugally spent over the last 6 years and are now depleted. In September the board decided to direct trustee pledges to fund operational expenses. Funds left over will be released into the grant pool each year in April. And as always, 100% of partner pledges go directly to the grant winner.

100 Shares Tampa Bay continues to flourish as we unite generous, like-minded women to impact our community in a way that honors God with the resources He has entrusted to us.  We are positioned to reach our goalto grant a cumulative amount of $1.8 million and reach a partnership goal of 260 by the year 2027. We prayerfully seek His wisdom in all that we do. We are grateful for each partner, for each ministry and for God's grace to continue the work He has set before us.

Submitted by,
JoAnn Ravenna, Chair


The 2019 Annual Luncheon was held at the Feather Sound Country Club on April 11, 2019.
Pictured here are representatives from Shepherd's Village, Florida 1:27 and the Florida Dream Center.