Joyful Giving

100 Shares Tampa Bay (100STB) was founded in early 2014 by a small group of women with a big vision. It was a vision of uniting women to be able to give a significant contribution each year to a viable Christian ministry in the greater Tampa Bay area. The idea was to gather 100+ women who would each give a minimum of $1,000 annually. The result would be the availability each year of a significant contribution of $100,000 or more. This money would be awarded in the form of grants to selected organizations that would enable the ministries to move forward to new levels of service. Since our inception, we have awarded multiple grants totaling $1,136,310. We are so excited and very honored that you are considering joining us on this journey!


100+ women joyfully giving in partnership to mobilize resources so that Christian ministries in Tampa Bay are elevated to new levels of service while winning the community for Jesus.

Core Values - We:

  • Give joyfully
  • Unite through the Holy Spirit
  • Expand the Kingdom
  • Partner for strength

Board of Trustees

Amanda Maynor


JoAnn Ravenna

Chair Emeritus, Ministry Presentations

Kathryn Brannan


Gayle Cawood

Honorary Board Member

Becky Charles


Gail Friedman

Board Member at Large

Joanne Lanning


Julie Meyers


Tina Moorman

Media Liaison

Carol Pilkington


Bela Souza


Lina Treleaven


Wendy Walker

Partnership Co-Chair

Claire Wood

Partnership Co-Chair