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Generosity Matters

God's people are at work all over the world. We know that's true, don't we? We write checks. We send our money to national and international Christian ministries to help with their work – work that we will never personally get to see carried out. But one of the greatest benefits of being a partner in 100 Shares is that we get the opportunity to see God's people at work right here in Tampa Bay.
I wish Timothy had used a different example of a sport; I am NOT a race runner. I am a walker. What I also am is a fan of almost any sport. So I will use a little football lingo here to encourage you. (Sorry if you are not a sports fan.) Alas, there is no football in the Bible. But, I believe Timothy's thoughts about running a good race, finishing it well and giving God the glory are all applicable here.
These are questions for prayer, for pondering, for journaling, for discussion. My prayer is that we share our thoughts with each other as we commune with our God, as we invite guests to go on site visits and as we join together to learn about our finalist ministries.
This is our inaugural blog! It needs a name. Until we come up with a catchy one, we'll call it, "Our Blog Needs a Name." I do so hope someone out there in cyberspace reads this and has some ideas for a name…ASAP. Don't you?! Waiting to hear your ideas! Is there any better way to begin a blog than talking about answers to prayer? I can't think of one. So, answers to prayer…

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